Monday, November 21, 2016

The Kaufman's

Lynn and I wanted to get another SOTA activation in during the mild weather we have been having in Colorado. We are glad we tackled these two summits which included Kaufman Ridge North and Kaufman Ridge High Point. Both 6 SOTA points each.

These are wooded hikes with a lot of deadfall so we do not really enjoy the hike as much as the views when you finally break through to the summit.

Here are the pictures.

KC0YQF taking shelter in the trees from the wind

KC0YQF working station from coast to coast


The Star: Elecraft KX2

A rendering by our friend Steve, wG0AT

We were getting pretty cold on Kaufman Ridge HP which was the second summit. As the sun was setting and the wind picking up it was time to go. By the time we dropped about 500 feet in elevation we were warm again.

It is a drive of around 100 miles to get to these two summits and we got a late start but it was well worth it to be back on a summit running a pileup of chasers.


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