Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Green Mountain (W0C/FR-107) S.O.T.A. Activation

Today Lynn and I had the pleasure of activating Green Mountain near Denver Colorado with Rob AE7AP, Barb AE7AQ, their friend Doug and Brad WA6MM.

L to R, Rob, Frank Lynn and Brad
Green Mountain is only a 1 pointer and a pleasant hike. It was a little chilly at the TH but we warmed up fast in the first mile of the hike due to the elevation gain.

Getting close to the summit

There are great views from this summit. You can see all of Denver.

Rob, with help from his lovely YL Barb,  setup his trapped dipole and KX3.

Barb holds the mast while Rob stakes it out

After Rob got his station setup Lynn jumped on 20 meter SSB. Rob and Barb had a great run on 20 and 40 meters and I finished with a few CW QSOs. Rob and Barb were able to talk to some of their ham friends back in MT which was a thrill.

Lynn running the SSB Pileup

Lynn, KC0YQF

We really had a good time on this summit with old and new friends. Also it is really nice to hear new callsigns chasing us which just means there are more people getting into SOTA. 

Of course the hi-light was meeting Rob and Barb who were on vacation in Colorado and heading back to Montana soon. I look forward to when we see them again.



I just recieved the pictures that Barb took and they are much better than mine so I wanted to share them. All of the pictures below are taken by Barb, AE7AQ.

Lynn is parting words of wisdom to Brad and I

The crew: Rob, Frank, Lynn, Doug and Brad

Lynn working the pileup

Working CW

Heading down, Denver in the background

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