Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hamming it up at Ham Radio Outlet

As part of my early Bday present Lynn took me to the museum in Denver. The museum is great and I really enjoyed the planetarium. Afterwards, we went to Ham Radio Outlet in Denver. The new Handbook was out on display and Lynn wasted no time in pointing out to the staff and customers that she was on the cover.

She told me that she said I was on the cover as well but I really don't think she did. 

She had a blast enjoying her new found celebrity status at Ham Radio Outlet. She didn't even notice me making purchases or eyeing some of the new HF radios either.

She had a great conversation with a visiting ham from NJ and the staff about Summits On The Air and Ham Radio in general. It was a lot of fun!

When you the husband of an active YL these things will happen.

Thanks to the guys at HRO for indulging us.


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