Sunday, January 15, 2017

Raspberry Mountain, finally!!!!

Al KH7AL, Lynn, KC0YQF, and I decided to get over to Raspberry Mountain to finally summit and get our traditional New Years Day hike out of the way. Albeit, a few days late.

It was much warmer at the TH this time. Almost 25 degrees warmer at 30 degrees. Since you are in a valley it really gets cold but as soon as you start moving you warm up. It is just that initial shock of low ambient temps that makes it so hard to get going.

None of us had been on this new trail and actually got off trail a bit. We notice several other people made the same mistake we made. Judging by the tracks in the snow, they went back and got on the trail and we just bushwhacked, confident that we would find the trail over a few ridges.

GPS Track
It was actually a very nice hike through the woods with no one else around. Al took off ahead of us and left us clues as to which way to go. Not that it was needed, as the snow was a foot or more deep so we just followed his tracks.

SOTA, this way
Not soon after we linked up again and ate lunch before heading to the summit.

This way to Raspberry

Lynn leading the way (photo by KH7AL)
Once on the summit Al setup his wire and broke out his KX3. After using the KX2 the KX3 looks so big!!! We all used Al's KX3, thanks Al.

We took turns on 2, 20, 30 and 40 meters and worked a lot of stations.

Al working 2 meters

Lynn on 20 meters SSB
Frank on 30 meters CW
Our shack for the day! (photo by KH7AL)
Pikes Peak
Looking towards Colorado Springs
Hike profile
The trail is a bit longer at almost 6 miles RT. Raspberry is a fun one and can be challenging in the winter if your not prepared.

It was a grand time with Al and Lynn.

73, Frank

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