Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Observatory and Eagle Rock

It was a strange day in the Lost Creek Wilderness. This normally active area was void of a lot of people. I notice signs that outlawed ATVs and other non-licensed vehicles and think that has a lot to do with it. Even so we did see two dirt bikes.

Not much in the way of traffic save some cows.

You can't drive to the normal Trail Head anymore as they are trying to minimize human impact. You can park and walk and it was not that far anyway.

We hit Observatory Rock a little early and had some issues with propagation. I expected 40 meters to yield better results but after 20 minutes of calling Lynn went to 20. I also tried CW on 40 with no luck.

Eagle Rock was better and Lynn ran a good pileup on 20 Meters and I went to 17 Meters and a little 20 meters. It was a good day to be on a summit. It was a bit windy but with the temp between 70 and 80 it helped to keep us cool.

A few pics:

KX2 at home on a summit

Lynn on 20 meters

I am trying to remember Morse Code

End Fed antenna support

A great day and it was nice to get out again in Colorado. Lynn and I have been pretty busy but I am glad we took a day to get out to these two summits.

73 Frank

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