Monday, September 11, 2017

Horseshoe Mountain 2017

This is one of Lynn's favorite summits. The views are great with minimal effort. We drove the Jeep up the trail to 13,000 feet and hiked the remaining 800 feet vertical to the summit. The plan was to do Horseshoe then hike over to Sheridan after lunch. The weather decided we would only do one summit on this day.

As soon as I setup the HF antenna we heard the clap of thunder East of us. I was pretty sure the storm was moving East (it was) but there was another cloud forming to our South and moving North. Our time was limited.

There was also a significant solar event that shut down HF communications for the duration of our activation. Lynn made one HF QSO on 40 meters with W0VB who was using ground wave from Buena Vista Colorado. All other QSOs for Lynn and I were done via VHF.

All in all we had a good time despite the challenges.

Lynn making her way up!

Notice the blue sky

More clouds than a few minutes earlier

Rain to the East of us

Clouds to the South of us

Getting a bit worse

Lynn's spot went in but no callers

Lynn heading down

Storm moving towards us on the way down

 I think the weather changed from nice to bad in about 20 minutes. It could had been worse because the first storm, that went to our East, started just as we summited and it had an electrical component. Sheridan Mountain is not going anywhere. We will be back.


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