Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Trachyte Knob 2017

This was our second attempt at this summit. The first time we got rained out however, we decided to get back out to Trachyte before the KOA closes. The KOA has a poorly marked trail to the summit. I say poorly marked because someone decided to remove all their markings. We found a lot of them on the ground and a lot of rock markers were toppled over. However, I decided to follow the trail the best I could. After a while I started seeing more rock markers and followed them all the way to the final approach and in the process skipped a large part of the boulder hopping you have to do. If you look at the GPS route, way point 3 was were the rock hopping began and that point we were almost to the summit.

The route down is the more direct route
As it is with me on this hike, I manage to get blood somewhere. I noticed that I had blood on my pants but did not know where it was coming from until Lynn saw my arm had a cut. It wasn't bad and it did not really bother me.

It is not a Trachyte hike without a little blood
Plenty of rock markers
Lynn enjoying the hike

The summit appears between the trees

300 vertical feet to go and great vistas

Going up the boulder field and almost to summit

Break time (about 50 feet to go)

KC0YQF working the SSB pileup on 20 meters
The shack!
Looking East towards Almagre

Looking South West

This was the slowest part of the hike (near the summit)

Storm moving in

More cloud cover

K0JQZ trying to make a PSK31 QSO

Hiking profile
We did get rain on the way down. My goal was to be off the summit and past the boulder field before the rain started and we timed it perfect. Once the heavy rain started to come down we were in the trees with natural rain cover. As soon as we emerged into the KOA campground the rain stopped... as expected.

There as a solar storm but regardless we made more than enough QSOs. I was disappointed that I was unable to make any PSK31 QSOs and wonder if there are SOTA chasers that want to use that mode?

Till next time.
72, Frank

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