Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Midland Hill W0C/SP-117

Midland Hill is near Buena Vista and one of our favorite hikes. It is not challenging like a 14er and there is no bushwhacking involved, it is just a pleasant hike. We only ran into two other people on the trail. One person going down and one that was on the summit with us. Weather wise it was around 55 degrees and hardly any wind. 24 hours later it would be very different but we enjoyed the weather while it lasted.

View from upper trailhead

Lynn on trail

looking down on Buena Vista

Lynn leading the way

This is where we had lunch

Lynn getting a little chilly in the shade

On the summit we quickly setup and Lynn started running a 20 meter SSB pileup while I explained what we were doing to the person that happened to be on the summit with us. He seemed very interested which made the conversation pleseant.

I see these painted rocks everywhere

Lynn writing in the log in-between contacts

The KX2 doing what it does best!

Our shack for the day

Here is Lynn's log:

..... and my log:

The QSO with KX0R was a summit to summit and I got excited about OH9XX from Finland but the best one of the day was KG3W in PA. Scotty is always QRP (less than 5 watts), I heard him on 14 MHz very faintly but he was much better on 10 MHz.

APRS Spot on the summit


Not related video of our Squirrel getting chow from the bird feeder.

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