Sunday, November 5, 2017

Little Scraggy Peak

Lynn and I decided to do a close summit and picked Little Scraggy Peak. The trail leading into around this summit is a popular mountain bike trail and we always see a few of them. On this day we ran into one hiker going the other way and a few Mountain Bikers even though I expected to see more due to the mild weather.

This summit is fairly easy and is a nice hike. I do not think you are ever more than a mile from where you park but you feel like you are out there in the wilderness.

Rock marker while ascending the ridge that takes you to the summit

Right before the demo dropped 10 degrees
The radio was the KX2 again. It really works well and I have no complaints about its size or performance.

Lynn tried 20 meter SSB but there was a contest going on so she went to 17 meters. Here are her QSOs.

I was able to get one S2S with KR7RK in AZ.

I tried 40 and 15 meters with no callers. When I got home I saw that my spots had not gone in but I have not figured out why. 30 meters seemed to be the money band on this day.

While we ere on the summit the temp dropped and we were bundled up for the hike down. After descending about 500 feet the jackets and glove came back off. It was a pleasant day, Lynn and I had a good time.

Right after this activation I got busy with one of our annual exercises and feel like I have been out of it the last two weeks. It is good to be back to weekends off and 8 hour work days.


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