Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy New Year on Raspberry Mountain

It has been a long time since I posted. Lynn and I have busy so not a lot of time for Summits On The Air.

Of course we wanted to do our traditional New Years hike up to Raspberry Mountain and our good friend and hiking partner Al, KH7AL, was able to join us.

In the past we have had to bail out on this hike due to cold. This year it was 22 degrees warmer than in past years.

The great thing about Colorado is that sometimes it is warmer at altitude than in the Front Range and this was one of those days. While it was cold getting ready once we were on the trail and up about 500 feet in altitude we were shedding layers. It was an absolute fantastic day! I would guess that the temp on the summit was 40 degrees.

Al set up his SOTABEAMS linked dipole antenna for 20 meters and he and Lynn ran an SSB and VHF pileup. I worked 20 meter CW for about an hour before I ran out of callers!

Lynn KC0YQF on SSB

Al, KH7AL on 20 meter SSB

K0JQZ on 2 meter VHF before 20 meter CW

Backside of Pikes Peak

The Catamounts to the left

The Views

The SOTABEAM Linked Dipole worked great

On Trail

Lunch Break


All doing a SPOT


The New Years SOTA crew

The trail is easy and well marked

You take Ring of the Peak trail most of the way

Someone even put a map up

That was a lot of fun and we heard a lot of new callsigns which is always a good thing.

Thank you chasers for doing what you do and thanks to Al KH7AL for sharing the summit with us.

72 Frank

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