Friday, August 3, 2018

FOBB or Flight of the Bumblebees 29 July 2018

This year was special since FOBB fell on the XYL's (KC0YQF) birthday. We had already planned to be on our property but instead of fire mitigation and general cleanup we relaxed and I got to play in FOBB as BB number 1.

The McIntyre Wildlife Wilderness Study Area boarders out property and while Lookout Mountain is about three miles away we got a late start and decided to operate from a closer location.
Looking for a good spot

The view from our shack for the day

1. K9DXA in IL BB number 92

2. N5GW in MS BB number 52

3. AB9CA in IL

4. K7TQ in ID BB number 55

5. NK9G in WI BB number 23

6. N9NE/M mobile in WI BB number 75

7. KD3CA in PABB number 87

8. NG7A in AZ

9. WA8REI in MI (it is always good to hear my friend Ken on the air)

10. W7SW in AZ

11. N8XX in MI BB number 98

12. K0ZK in ME

13. WA7LNW in UT

14. WC6J in CA

15. KE9V in IN

16. K1SWL in NH BB number 36

17. N9XG in OH

18. VE3LFN in ON BB number 28

19. KF5RY in TX BB number 32

20. KD6L in UT BB number 101 (my only 40 meter QSO)

21. AC7A in AZ BB number 22

22. W7TAO in WA (If memory is correct my first QSO with Todd was during this event in 2012, we have had many QSOs since then)

23. N6GA in CA BB number 34

24. KA1UUM in NH BB number 115

25. K7MK in ID

I started to hear the storm on the radio and soon after the clouds showed up. As conditions got worse we packed up and headed out. No pictures of us operating as I was waiting until I was done but that was not a good plan. We made it back to the Jeep in the rain and headed out shortly after. There was still a hour left in the event and it was hard to secure but mother nature has a vote when you are operating outside.

I like this event because it is casual operating but still requires more skill than activating from a SOTA summit because you are not DX so to speak. I probably called at least 10 stations that did not hear me. 2 Band MTR, 9 volt battery and a good antenna works wonders at 8,000 feet in altitude. What fun!

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