Heathkit HW-8

I went back and forth on this for a while and finally decided I wanted a Heathkit HW-8. The HW-7 is difficult to use at best without a RIT or offset. The HW-8 is a much more refined radio and was (is) one of the mainstay QRP radios. I purchased one on eBay and was hoping it was in worse phyisical condition than what it was. I wanted one to modify but this one is near mint so I would have to think twice before I modify it. Right now I have no plans to add any permanent modifications.

I had a problem with 40 and 80 meters as the CW note sounded like it was real raspy. I posted on the HW 8 yahoo group and they had several suggestions to try. I checked the output note and it was fine so I started thinking that maybe the trimmer caps needed adjustment which they did. They were slightly out of adjustment and a quick turn of the screw driver and they were back at max noise. The raspy CW note is gone and it is ready to go. The next problem I notice is that 80 meter power drops off under keyed conditions. When I key it it is near three watts but drops below 2.5 after a few seconds. I will look into that next.

This rig is going to be fun.

As I learn about the radio I will post up my findings.

Here is a video with the raspy note which is fixed now.
72, Frank K0JQZ


I recently purchased the HW-8 TR (Transmit Relay) kit from John, KC9ON. John has put together a pretty good site about these radios and is really breathing life into the HW 7 and HW 8 community. 

He has a few kits and I have all of them. I have not built all of them yet but will get around to it. I built the audio amp and installed it in my HW7 and have not decided if I will do the same for the HW8 yet. First things first is to get rid of that clunky relay in the HW-8. 

John's kist are easy to put together and the instructions are well written so even I can follow them. 

The Kit

In the middle of step 3

Step 4

Step 7 done

Step 6 complete

Step 7

The final product

In part 2 of this one I will install it in the HW-8. I will most likely get one for the HW-7 in the future. There are some slight modifications for the HW-7.

More to come later.


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